What is MenuOptix?

MenuOptix benefits both the customer and the owner of all restaurants! We will create you a custom QR code for customers to scan the restaurants menu to see what you offer, if you have any specials & more!

For the Customer:

Your customers will try new menu selections, eliminate guess work of menu descriptions and encourage others to try different menu selections.

For the Owner:

You will gain customer loyalty with our loyalty program, reduce customer "turn back"of menu surprises and increase traffic as we help create social buzz!

Join MenuOptix!

Give your customers the ability to see beautiful pictures of your menu items anywhere/anytime
-by just scanning your own custom QR Code!-​
No hardware to purchase - Customers use their own SmartPhone! MenuOptix is 100% Free!

What Does the Restaurant Owner Get with MenuOptix?

When you create your restaurant account on MenuOptix, you will get a custom QR Code that allows your customers to scan it with their mobile phone so you can provide the customer with the ability to:

  • Explore: Customers will explore your entire menu
  • Encounter: Customers will encounter new experiences.
  • Discover: Customers will discover new menu items
  • Indulge: Customers will indulge in new favorites
  • Trust: Customers will trust their menu selection

Participating Restaurants

Some of your favorite restaurants are already using MenuOptix. You owe it to your customers …. Call us today!


Have questions about MenuOptix? See if we can solve them in our FAQ below. View the Full FAQ

How will MenuOptix benefit me?

Your customers are able to take the guess work out of your menu by providing them with the menu directly on their phone!

How much is MenuOptix?

MenuOptix is 100% free. You receive all of the above benefits and much more! Read More...

How do I update my account?

You will receive a full tutorial on how to maintain your restaurants photos, information, comments and review! Read More...