A picture is worth a thousand words.

About Us

What is MenuOptix?

MenuOptix is a simple menu picture presentation medium. Still curious? Watch this short video to see it in action. (VIDEO) With a simple tap on their Smart Phone, your customers can see beautiful pictures of your favorite selected dishes. Seeing this dishes can allow them to be adventurous while assured of what they are ordering. They are more apt to try more and different items – and that is the key. They will be back more often and build a report with you, the owner. Happy customers always tell their friends about their experiences – this will lead to even more primary customers.

Benefits to the Restaurant Customer

Imagine that you are in a new restaurant and you are not familiar with the items on the menu. You read closely the descriptions, but you are just not sure what the best dish is for your mood. Imagine then if you were able to see photos of all of these dishes. A picture is worth a thousand words. So when you are able to read the description and marry that with the photo you’re able to make a more informed decision on what to choose.

● As a customer, you will more likely try new menu selections
● As a customer, you will eliminate the guess work of menu descriptions
● As a customer, you will encourage your friends to try new menu selections
● Best of all, there is no hardware to purchase, you can use their own SmartPhones

Benefits to the Restaurant Owner

During any normal week, you will experience most of your orders coming from a few selections on your menu. This may be fine for you and you may be able to stock supplies appropriately, however, your customers will get tired of ordering the same things over and over again. (CITATION) Your customers know they trust your food quality and presentation, but how often can they eat the same dish? This is where MenuOptix can help. If you are able to effortlessly show your customers your other, less popular dishes, they will be more inclined to try it. By having customers enjoy additional different dishes from your menu, you will encourage more frequent visits.

● As a restaurant owner, you will gain customer loyalty through the loyalty program
● As a restaurant owner, you will reduce customer “turn back” due to menu surprises
● As a restaurant owner, you will increase traffic as we help create a social buzz about your menu
● Best of all, there is no hardware to purchase, customers their own SmartPhones