A picture is worth a thousand words.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is MenuOptix?

MenuOptix is a simple menu picture presentation medium. Still curious? Keep reading.

With a simple tap on their Smart Phone, your customers can see beautiful pictures of your favorite selected dishes. Seeing these dishes can allow them to be adventurous while assured of what they are ordering. They are more apt to try more and different items – and that is the key. They will be back more often and build a stronger rapport with you, the owner. Happy customers always tell their friends about their experiences & this will lead to even more primary customers – and the cycle continues with your restaurant the winner!

How much does MenuOptix cost?

Don’t waste your money on fancy marketing companies that promise you top billing on Google search, or sales reps that use words like site “convertibility”. Your best bet for advertising and to attract new customers, is to give your existing customers, the very best experience possible. Happy and excited customers will tell their friends, and in turn, these friends are more inclined to visit your restaurant because of a personal recommendation rather than a blind search on Google. So simple, it works!

We are so excited about this simple and direct system, that we are not charging a fee to initial participants. So for now, we are inviting new members to join for free. That’s right, FREE. We need your help to promote this simple yet brilliant idea, so you and others can see the huge benefits. With a small amount of time and effort, both the restaurant patron and owner will see tremendous benefits while using this new service. Your customers will be 100% more engaged with your favorite menu offerings. This is a win / win proposition.

How does it work?

With our Patented (Pending) process, just say the word and we will begin the short process of collecting your best pictures of your favorite menu items. You can supply the pictures yourself or we can monitor your kitchen to photograph your dishes for you. Again, we want to work with you to jump start this new service, so we are not going to charge you for any of this set up work. If you want to take your own photos, we have suggested guidelines that you may want to follow in order to have a consistent beautiful message to your customers. (How do I take pictures of my menu items) We can simplify the process, if you prefer, and use any existing pictures that you may already have. At any time, we can make changes, additions, deletions as we go through the process. When you are satisfied with the service and comfortable with the maintenance process, the site can be turned over to you or, if you prefer, we can maintain it for you.

We will collect these pictures and add your text menu descriptions & prices (descriptions can come directly from your existing menu if desired) onto your own web page in a simple presentation. We will then create a custom QR code (See below) that directly opens your menu page to your customer in a split second. No web surfing, no Internet fumbling – just your beautiful menu pictures immediately presented to your customers from any SmartPhone.

Benefits to the Restaurant Customer

Imagine that you are in a new restaurant and you are not familiar with the items on the menu. You read the menu descriptions closely, but you are just not sure what the best dish is for your mood. Imagine then if you were able to see photos of all of these dishes. A picture is worth a thousand words. So when you are able to read a description of a dish and then marry that description with a photo, you will be able to make a more informed decision on what to choose.

● As a customer, you will more likely try new menu selections
● As a customer, you will eliminate the guess work of menu descriptions
● As a customer, you will encourage your friends to try new menu selections
● Best of all, there is no hardware to purchase, you can your own SmartPhone

Benefits to the Restaurant Owner

During any normal week, you will experience most of your orders coming from a few selections on your menu. This may be fine for you and you may be able to stock supplies appropriately, however, your customers will get tired of ordering the same things over and over again. Your customers know they trust your food quality and presentation, but how often can they eat the same dish? This is where MenuOptix can help. If you are able to effortlessly show your customers your other, less popular dishes, they will be more inclined to try it. By having customers enjoy additional and different dishes from your menu, you will encourage more frequent visits. That’s right, more frequent visits!

● As a restaurant owner, you will gain customer loyalty through the loyalty program
● As a restaurant owner, you will reduce customer “turn back” due to menu surprises
● As a restaurant owner, you will increase traffic as we help create a social buzz about your menu
● Best of all, there is no hardware to purchase, Customers use their own SmartPhone

How do I take pictures of my menu items ?

You are in complete control of what you display on your own menu web page. If you already have
pictures of your menu items that you are happy with, we can use those. However, if desired, we can take new pictures for you to use. If you want to take new photos of your menu, here are some guidelines to think about that will give you the best opportunity to present a quality picture to your customer. (Read our Blog)

Advertising in your Restaurant

Promoting your delicious and beautiful menu items is what MenuOptix is all about. From bringing awareness to your patrons about your online menu, to encouraging them to share their new and exciting dining experiences are all part of the program. You are in control of what you want to present to your customers; Top Items, Nightly Specials, Featured Items, or your entire menu. It’s up to you. The process of changing is as simple as point, click & upload…. You are in complete control and you can make any changes at any time quickly and easily.

We will also work with you to create simple, inexpensive marketing cards that can be handed out to customers together with your menu. This card will explain to the customer that the pictures of the menu items are available to view by just pointing and clicking their SmartPhone at the QR code we print right on your promotional marketing card. If they preview the menu item with their SmartPhone and show the server the picture of what they are ordering, you can provide a subsidized (by us) dish discount. They will be engaged and more adventurous right away.

Advertising in your Community

We are excited about getting the word out about MenuOptix and in doing so, you will benefit along with us. We have an aggressive plan that ties our Social Media marketing campaign techniques together with traditional print advertising. This, along with the internal awareness of the new program brings you the perfect environment for success – and your success is our success. Happy and engaged customers are the end result that we strive for.

The print advertising will include your restaurant in a list of other MenuOptix participants (as they are added). As this directory builds, it will create a buzz in your community and drive business to your restaurant. We are budgeted to help you with discounts to reward your customers for using MenuOptix. You will quickly see the benefits; just make sure your ready for the “pop” in your business!

MenuOptix Story

It was a simple beginning to a great idea …. Like most other ideas, you experience a problem and seek a solution. After a long day of shopping and enjoying the NYC sites during the holidays, my family and I wanted to take a break and have dinner together. We quickly used our Yelp app to find what was both local and open. We found the perfect place – a Thai Restaurant. We have been to Thai restaurants before, but we always order, seemingly, the same few dishes.

My son wanted to buck the trend and order something new and different. After reading the menu for a few minutes, he settled on something that sounded good – and that was it, it sounded good. When it arrived to the table, it was nothing like what he expected. His exact words were, “…. This looks like a bowl of Ramen Noodles, I just spent four years in college eating this stuff …. I wish I could have seen what this looked like before I ordered it ….” Voila & there you have it, the idea to make simple visual menu presentation on premise to customers was born.

What is a QR Code ?

Have you seen one of these?


Actual QR Code for the MenuOptix web site. Scan it now !!

First invented in 1994, the QR Code is a two dimensional (2D) matrix bar code that is a machine-readable optical label. It contains information about the item to which it is attach. Each QR Code reader program (see Get QR Reader) uses a special interpretation algorithm to communicate with the reading device, in this case telling your SmartPhone to visit the menu web page – MenuOptix.Com

Just look around and you will be surprised at the increasing frequency these QR Codes are being used. In a society dominated by SmartPhones, being able to immediately direct the user to a web page is a huge time saving bonus. By using a customized QR Code that contains the instructions for a SmartPhone web browser to go directly to your menu website, your customers will rejoice in not having to fumble or type tedious and long web addresses into their phone keyboard. Point, click and your customers are previewing your pictures in a split second. Each MenuOptix restaurant customer will have their own custom QR code to market in their restaurant and include on print or social advertising. Your QR Code will work to drive customers to your menu web site from inside your restaurant or anywhere they see the code. The experience is the same, beautiful featured pictures immediately available to preview.

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